Descripción del proyecto

El proyecto consiste en mejorar los controles de acceso en la organizaciones combinando mecanismo de control de acceso, gestión de de roles y gestión de capacidades de una manera novedosa.

El proyecto evalúa la usabilidad y seguridad de los servicios de control de acceso, proporcionando información comparativa sobre diferentes mecanismos que ayuden a mejorar la fluidez, el seguimiento y la eficiencia del trabajo y asegurar la autorización en tiempo real de los individuos a tareas específicas dentro de una organización, manteniendo el nivel de seguridad necesario de la información.


Una de las principales innovaciones traídas por el proyecto ACIO será la disponibilidad de modelos mejorados físicos / lógicos de control de acceso, lo que eliminará algunos de los cuellos de botella existentes que dificultan el desarrollo de políticas empresariales eficaces, tales como:

  • La falta de soporte eficiente a la movilidad.
  • La falta de soporte de los enfoques contextuales.
  • La falta de flexibilidad desde la perspectiva del usuario final.
  • Introducción segura de nuevos enfoques (Cloud Computing, BYOD).

Proyecto TSI-100201-2013-50, cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica



Nextel S.A.


 Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo




Innovalia Association is a an independent private
Associated Research Lab, established by a group of technology-based companies that
are all highly aware of that innovation, as an inherent business process, is a
necessity for maintaining competitiveness. The Innovalia Association serves as a
mean for articulating critical mass to successfully address the ambitious and
long-term research objectives of the associated companies. The association was
founded in 2002, sprung from Innovalia, which is a strategic alliance of companies
with more than 20 years of collaboration in research and innovation. Innovalia
allied companies have participated and headed numerous research projects, funded
on a national, international or bilateral basis. Innovalia’s business activities
broadly span the whole European market, covering the supply of RTD services, the
networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME
collaboration activities and SME training.

The Innovalia Association is organised into
three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit;
Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit; Manufacturing and Knowledge
Management Unit. These units assemble skills, laboratories and resources
from the allied companies and they also benefit from a high degree of
collaboration with external companies, both on national and European level.
Innovalia Association is member of the Innobasque Network, which is made up
of various Basque organisations with innovation is a strategic priority.
Innovalia Association was the coordinating entity of the FP6 Integrated
Project Nano-CMM, one of the few integrated projects led by a high-tech SME.
It has also long experience in technical coordination of projects, such as
iTETRIS in FP7, CELTIC ICARUS and the already finished FP6 projects MULTINET
and CSA REDEST. It has also served as Business Innovation Office of the FP6
Integrated Project Co-Spaces and it is the Spanish cluster representative of
the European Europortal Project. Innovalia is furthermore taking part in the
SECRICOM FP7 Integrated Project “Security communications for Crisis Management”.
On national level, Innovalia was the technical coordinator of FASyS, one of
18 Spanish flag-ship industrial R&D projects in 2009 (CENIT programme),
addressing advanced ICT solutions for secure and healthy factories of the
future. Innovalia is also leading the development of the security and trust
model for inter-organisational enterprise collaboration as part of FP7
ComVantage IP. Innovalia has also taken part in the ITEA2 gold and silver
award winning projects MULTIPOL and METAVERSE, where security solutions for
multi-domain environments have been developed.


Info portvalencia



IKUSI – Ángel Iglesias S.A. is a leading company in the
technical electronic and communications field, qualified to offer highly
effective and innovative solutions within its two divisions:
“Electronic Systems Integration” and “Electronic Equipment Design and
About 780 professionals (30% University graduates) are
working in IKUSI on the design, implementation and management of
electronic systems. IKUSI is present in more than 80 countries, has
offices in every continent and subsidiaries in Portugal, France,
Australia, Chile, Mexico, UAE, Russia, Germany and Colombia. In December
2005, IKUSI received the most prestigious Príncipe Felipe award for
Innovation Technology and was also awarded with a nomination to the
Príncipe Felipe award for Business Competitiveness. IKUSI was
furthermore awarded the TIERNET international prize to the most
innovative ITS system.

IKUSI is a leader in the design, implementation and
management of electronic systems. Since its inception over 50 years ago,
the Company has experienced a steady growth based on innovation. Today
12% of their staff is dedicated in R & D & I. This strategy to
remain at the forefront of technology has enabled IKUSI operate in a
market undergoing a permanent change and address the development and
application of new technologies to offer its customers the most advanced

A team of 853 highly qualified professionals and the
option of the Company for continuing education can respond to the needs
of customers in over 80 countries and reinforce IKUSI bet to become a
global competitor in the market for technologies Communication


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


FST Biometrics

INFOPORT is an SME created in 1998 by the Port
Community of Valencia for the development and operation of the Community
Information System of the Port of Valencia, in order to facilitate the electronic
exchange of information between supply chain actors and the implementation of
information technology. Infoport Valencia is currently regarded as the reference
technology company in the port community of Valencia, with a broad portfolio of
products and services around port logistics. Main products and services are:

  • Design and development of management software applications and application
    Integration with Port Community Systems (PCS) and other information systems.
  • Automated Gate Systems and automated identification and inspection of container
    in cranes for port terminals.
  • Information systems for identification and access control in the port environment
    using RFID and OCR.
  • Operation and technical assistance to the port community system of the
    Port of Valencia (
  • Maintenance of applications and systems oriented to vessel traffic management,
    goods declaration, lines and maritime services, billing, accounting and document
  • ITC management and support for supply chain agents.


FST21 is an Israelian security technology company, founded by Major General (Res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, a world
leading security expert. FST21 specializes in providing preventive security solutions to increase safety and enhance tenant
quality-of-life, in multi-dwelling residential, office and government buildings and installations. FST21 has developed an
innovative platform for intelling building safety and security solutions based on a fusion of 2nd generation video/voice
biometrics and analytics.

FST21 management team has an in-depth knowledge in the security market and a track record of success in product
development, sales, marketing & service. FST21 R&D team of professionals has substantial technological experience acquired in an
array of inter-disciplinary development roles during their military service and through collaborations with leading multinational
high-tech companies.

FST21 Solutions are installed around the world in multi-tenant commercial buildings (120 Wall Street, Taino
Tower), corporate systems (United Airlines, Atomic Data Corporation) and public transit (Panama Canal). FST21 is distributed by
over 20 of the largest integrators in the US and worldwide.

The company won the 2011 best new product award by SIA (Security Industry Association) New Product Showcase,
at ISC West (International Security Conference), one of the largest events in the U.S. for the electronic security industry.

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