National Security Plan


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Law 11/2007 on the Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services (LAECSP in Spanish), which governs the basic aspects of e-Administration, recognizes the right of citizens to interact with Public Administrations by electronic means. This Law establishes the need to assure the availability, access, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and preservation of data and services while using information technology.

Aiming to foster due confidence in the use of such electronic means, this Law determines the creation of the National Security Plan (ENS in Spanish), whose object is the definition of the basic principles and minimum security standards in the use of electronic means, thus enabling suitable data protection.

Adjusting to the ENS

Meeting ENS requirements shall be guaranteed from its conception, in the case of new systems, and within 12 months from the publication of the ENS, for those already in operation, although this period could be extended to a maximum of 48 months provided its full application could not be achieved and an adjustment plan, formally approved by the competent body, is made available.

Given the considerable effort any Public Administration must make while properly adjusting to the demands of the ENS, we at Nextel S.A. offer our support services in ENS implementation and maintenance, framed within the service area for e-Administration, guaranteeing its success through our experience and specialization in projects of this type.

The services we offer in this scope range from the provision of counseling services to Public Administrations when defining and planning the adjustment project, to the execution of defined tasks, both at organizational and operating levels, and at a technical level, enabling Public Administrations to flexibly decide the activities to be delegated to Nextel S.A. at each stage of the project, with the confidence gained from having a multidisciplinary team, highly experienced and specialized in each sphere of activity.