Proactive Critical-Infrastructure Monitoring System Based on IoT technologies (CritIoT)


CritIoT will be responsible for IoT-based physical and logical risk modeling, semantic data modeling, dynamic (real-time) management of events and alarm generation, intended to cover monitoring requirements toward compliance with Critical Infrastructure management guidelines and standards.

Critical Infrastructures refer to those considered strategic by the National Critical Infrastructure Protection Center (CNPIC in Spanish) and the State Secretariat for Security, attached to the Ministry of Interior – those that provide our society with the essential utilities could but whose substitution or replacement does not offer any possible alternative, such as energy (electricity, water, gas), financial services, transportation or health.

CritIoT proposes a risk-centered approach which offers continuous protection (before, during or after possible attacks) and simplifies risk management tasks while providing greater visibility and control, thereby saving both time and costs for the user.

This project fits within a recent subject area for which there is no current available solution prepared to offer the features that CritIoT is capable of delivering in terms of complex risk modeling and dynamic control in highly sensorized, automated environments with an evident presence of the Internet of Things.


The value gained by the use of the IoT in this project is based on the fact that, through the proposed IoT solution, Critical Infrastructure managers will be capable of leveraging the availability of the data in real time provided by the IoT to be able to manage their risks and monitor all of their assets (physical-logical-personnel) following the criteria dictated by the regulations, always in an automated fashion. That is, CritIoT will enable real-time monitoring through a risk management cycle where all of the company’s data and security systems operate together as a whole, thereby integrating the physical and logical assets as well as the security of the workers themselves.

The offer is a solution that allows the automation of processes related to asset (both logical and IoT) data gathering, the processing of such data, the semantic modeling of both data and risks, asset monitoring, and the dynamic management of complex events and services intended to cover the asset monitoring requirements provided by Critical Infrastructure protection standards.