IT QualityNextel S.A.’s commitment to continuous improvement and the satisfaction of its interest groups: clients, staff, partners, shareholders, and society, has led us to adopt a quality management system based on the EFQM Excellence Model.

We have evolved from ISO 9002 in 1998 and its later upgrade to ISO 9001:2008, going through ISO 27001 and its way of working with the information assets of our clients, by observing confidentiality, integrity and availability standards until we became the first engineering firm in the sector to receive the Silver Q, the Basque Award for Quality Management.

Our current quality management system introduces the strategic vision of quality, integrated within the management system of the company, seeking the transition towards total quality and corporate excellence.

Guarantee is our best cover letter. Following an evaluation of the our clients’ needs, we design tailor-made, turnkey projects suited to their requirements. We are backed by the best technological partners to achieve this.

Confidence and loyalty, which an increasing number of companies and organizations are placing on Nextel S.A., constitute the driving force that motivates us to improve.

Our Certifications

Our commitment to continuous improvement leads us toward advanced management systems and corporate excellence.

We are progressing towards total quality under the EFQM model, which we adopted back in 2000 as a reference framework for our corporate management. This continuous improvement system enables us, on the basis of the organization’s strategy, to balance the needs and expectations of our main interest groups (individuals, clients and shareholders).

In addition, we establish a quality management system based on ISO 9001 Standard. The implementation of this standard allows us to systemize our processes and clearly identify both the company’s strong points and those in need of improvement, thereby progressing towards client satisfaction.

We have also identified our key processes within Nextel’s entire process map, focusing our strategy on achieving the objectives marked for such processes.

Our EFQM-based management model also integrates other international standards, such as ISO 27001. In addition, we are a certified company under ISO 20000 standard with the object of achieving both the optimization of internal resources and our clients’ recognition of our excellent services.

The following are our certifications:

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