A secure, scalable and interoperable solution for your business

We offer you peace of mind because, from Nextel S.A., we take care of evaluating your business and offering you unsurpassed Corporate Open Source technologies in terms of security, performance and compatibility to boost your business.



Why Hire Open&Calm?


And above all… Peace of Mind, because you place the choice of the most suitable Open Source technologies in expert hands to boost your business.


What is Corporate Open Source?

Corporate Open Source is a software concept based on open source solutions, but packaged and tested with high-performance support and updates. These tools are always backed by a company dedicated to designing the open source software that enables any organization to think only about its business, free from concerning itself about software development.

Corporate Open Source solutions allow us to sustain the highest levels of flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of users and applications at the low cost and levels of security, stability and availability expected by any organization.


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