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NextRisk, Intelligent Risk Preventing Technology

From Nextel S.A., we offer you a solution to prevent and control in a joint fashion

any labor, physical and cyber security risk.


You need NextRisk because…It is a platform that focuses on jointly preventing and controlling labor, physical and cyber risks.

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Main Benefits

  • Risk management in real time.
  • Autonomous risk detection.
  • Response upon alarm detection.
  • Precision and reliability due to its intelligent technology.

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Risk is an inherent factor, it cannot be eliminated. What we must prevent is the impact, the incident, the recurrence. For this, risk must be managed, analyzed, quantified monitored, etc., and measures must be established. All of this can be achieved with NextRisk.
– Jose Telletxea, Regional Director Northern Region at Nextel S.A.

Why NextRisk?

Companies and organizations are availed with multiple security systems through which they address compromising situations during the course of their daily operations. Such systems are efficient within their own context, but limited to their data and the particular case studies associated to the solution.

On the other hand, the exponential growth of both physical and cyber security threats, along with the increase in laws enforced to reduce accidents and incidents in the area of work safety, as well as the marked boom in new technologies and personal devices in the corporate playground added to the trend toward “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things”, are evident signs of a compelling and urgent need.

Within the framework of Standard ISO 31000, which deals with risk management principles and guidelines, NextRisk provides a platform upon which risks may be monitored throughout their lifecycle and such management guidelines, principles and processes may be applied accordingly.

NextRisk contributes solutions to simplify analysis and detection tasks, thereby becoming a valuable support system to decision-making and expediting the response to risk situations by progressively automating remote interaction with the devices.

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