We empower the development of technological research within the company and we drive it towards innovating solutions.

The Innovation Culture R&D&i activities are systematically managed in compliance with Standard UNE166002, and organized in line with the company’s strategic plan, thereby promoting a culture of innovation within the organization and encouraging the generation of knowledge on the basis of people’s talent. Market Leaders The R&D&i unit collaborates closely with the Innovalia Association in the preparation of advanced R&D&i projects, which allows us to extend the scope of the activities with the support of the private laboratory infrastructures and the access to the latest word on technological know-how at international level. Advanced Solutions We are currently participating in important European R&D&i programs, among which we may note the 7th Framework program with the Secricom project, an integrated communication platform for EU crisis management. Secricom has two major objectives: to resolve communications infrastructure problems in the management of contemporary crises, and to add new functions to existing services to enable communication to become much more effective and useful for the users. Likewise, leveraging on our unit’s ample and expert knowledge on security systems, new solutions are investigated and developed in this area within the framework of national and international programs, such as ITEA2, CELTIC, EUROSTARS, etc.

R&D&i Projects

  • CELTIC-ODSI: ODSI provides new security models with the properties and benefits of both hardware and software approaches.
  • ComVantage: collaborative manufacturing network for competitive advantage.
  • Seed4c: evolve to manage and guarantee the security of a group of computers seen as a single entity.
  • FI-STAR : Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research
  • SIGMONA: The SIGMONA project, “SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures”, will study network architectures and functions for evolution of the LTE/EPC (3GPP) mobile networks.
  • REDIRNET: Decentralized framework for interoperability between systems of emergency agencies

Completed Projects

  • Enterprise
  • Record
  • Multipol
  • Bugyo2
  • e-Role
  • FASyS: Spanish acronym for Absolutely Secure and Healthful Factory, framed within the conception of the Factory of the Future and the new notion of Sustainable Competitive Manufacture.
  • Secricom: proposes the development of a security platform for crisis management operations in the European Union.
  • ACIO: enhancing access control in organisations