Project InCloudInG (Inter-Cloud Identity Governance) will provide an innovative, modular and coherent ecosystem of software modules to enable robust management of identities and access to cloud-run SaaS applications by way of key mechanisms to govern associated identities and access.

Project InCloudInG falls under the thematic priority of “Industries of the Future” within the scope of “Cloud Computing Development Solutions”. The project provides for the development of a module system to govern the identity and access to applications run in the cloud. This system will boost the confidence of the final users and of those responsible for corporate security, it will launch the development of cloud-based applications and services and will enable companies – particularly SMEs – to potentiate their infrastructure, follow new business approaches and reach out to a higher number of clients. InCloudInG seeks to be one of the “solutions that enable the integration between applications residing in corporate systems and those in the cloud”. Incidentally, when addressing aspects related to the security and safeguard of sensitive data of organizations, the project also deals with some of the challenges raised under the topic of «Cyber Security and Digital Confidence», particularly within the scope of safe use of the services.


The strategic objectives of InCloudInG are as follows:

• To aid organizations in strengthening their relations with their clients by optimizing user and access management and thus achieve greater operating and cost efficiency.
• To promote the adoption of Cloud Computing in companies aiming at optimizing their competitiveness and decision-making capability.
• To boost the development of cloud-based applications and services.
• To provide a frame of reference for the study and research of identity security and management within multi-cloud environments.
• To foster new business models with cloud-based collaboration and mobility within companies, particularly within SMEs.
• To eliminate vendor lock-in, potentiating interoperability among different cloud providers.
• To boost the confidence of final users and those responsible for corporate security in cloud applications.
• To deliver a structure that embraces the principles, technologies, protocols and APIs in order to provide integrated identity governance in an inter-cloud environment.
• To simplify the management of information security within companies, thereby enhancing their confidence in the adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing.
• Owing to the strong authentication it proposes, InCloudInG will enable following FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI and SOX guidelines.

Participating Bodies

The National Consortium

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Innovalia Association


Project TSI-100104-2014-114, co-financed by the Department of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation.


Project with the ITEA2 Seal. Project ID: 13047


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