The Company

Nextel S.A. is an IT Engineering & Consulting firm, specialized in the management of telecommunications and IT services.

We are committed to delivering the best solutions, founded on the new technologies, system optimization and information security.

About Us

Nextel S.A. is an organization where genuine professionals ensure that our clients are provided with an effective solution every day. For Nextel S.A., people are the most important corporate asset; for that reason, we share an in-house philosophy of hard work combined with values which we endeavor to enforce on a day-to-day basis. Backing every project, there is a team of professionals capable of resolving very complex cases, which are developed with efficiency and quality, particularly derived from experience and ongoing training. We trust our professionals and their vocation to work as a motivated, synchronized team, capable of participating both proactively and flexibly before any challenge our clients may present to us. For all of the above, we can state that Nextel S.A. is a great company thanks, very specially, to the people it embraces.


To provide safe, reliable engineering and consultancy products and services in the area of ICT, based on our expertise and RDI, to expedite business processes and develop innovating strategies which enable our clients to face technological and market challenges.


To anticipate our strategic clients’ needs, and grow with them throughout the course of their ICT development process.


  • A Motivated, Committed Team
  • Customer Orientation
  • Innovation and Competitiveness