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We will make your life easier; our goal is to lighten up your burdens as a Critical Operator.

If you have been designated by the Spanish National Commission for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CNPIC) as a Critical Infrastructure, you will have a tight deadline to meet the requirements of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Law (Ley PIC in Spanish), and we can help you by reducing both time and costs.

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We enable your compliance with the CIP Law

Being designated as a Critical Infrastructure involves meeting certain obligations that imply the development and deployment of Security Plans for which you will surely require guidance as such Plans shall be constantly updated in light of new threats and be subject to a biannual review by the CNPIC.

Both the Computer Emergency Response Team of the National Cryptological Center (CCN-CERT) and CNPIC will oversee and support your compliance with the CIP Law because you will become part of the Critical Infrastructure Protection System.

CIP Law Specialists Nextel S.A.

If you are a Critical Operator, we will provide you with:

  • CIP Law Compliance Counsel
  • OSP (Operator Security Plan) Development
  • SPP (Specific Protection Plan) Development
  • Compliance Planning and Organization
  • Security Plan Deployment
  • Enforcement of security measures
  • Security Management Support
  • Second-Party Audit

If you are a provider of a Critical Operator, we can help you:

  • Implement Information Security and Business Continuity Management Systems
  • Implement Physical Security and Cyber Security-related technical measures
  • Technical Office Support for Security Management (documentary on procedural updates, report management and service indicators).




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